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What Do You Stand For?

  • Struggling to communicate your message?

  • Ready to build new income streams that outlast your career?

  • Tired of hearing lame branding pitches that just aren't you?

  • Seeking clarity on what your legacy is?

  • Seeking more sense of fulfillment and purpose?

  • Ready to take advantage of your platform as an athlete?

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"I Approached Athletes Brand For Their Guidance Because Of Their History Of Offering High Quality Products And Services...

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Trevor Bauer

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Stand For Something

What makes you different is the most valuable part of your brand.

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Monetize your story to create opportunity that outlasts your career.

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Find Clarity

Know your true "why", your uniqueness, and how to clearly communicate it.

What Makes Athletes Brand So Different?

We don't create brands. We bring clarity to stories.

Your story is who you are. It's what makes you special and unique. It's what makes you valuable to others and helps you stand out from the crowd. What makes you different, is what makes you valuable. Communicating your own story however is often the toughest thing to do. We don't create a brand for you like a branding company would do. That brand always ends the day you retire, or sooner. We simply help you craft the messaging for your story, pair it with brands and products that it works well with, and structure your story to generate more wealth that will outlast your career as an athlete. We help you leverage your platform and who you already are, to generate more money, and more fulfillment, by bringing clarity to your communication.

We help you communicate what you stand for.


What do you stand for? We let the results be the proof. We'll establish what you stand for based off of your own life story of highs and lows, combined with what your good at, what's unique about you, and what you truly enjoy. We don't create brands, we help you see your own unique value that already exists, but is often times hard to see on your own. Then we package it, bring clarity to the messaging, and help it generate income you'd only dreamed of. Our process is proven through results.


Custom websites using's algorithm's, strategies, and processes. Your site and store will benefit from the years of work that we've already invested into building our own successful e-commerce business. We also give our clients access to our artists, our discounts, and help them succeed. Plus... you can't beat our prices for quality because we're here for the player, not the profit.


We've turned some of the highest profiled off-field mistakes into opportunities to make a difference and generate new endorsement deals. We'll help mishaps, and honest athletes that want to change for the better. Keep in mind however that we will refuse to work with any athlete that we feel does not have the right intent, or is not telling us the whole truth. Our process is based on truth, integrity, and intent.


We've worked with over 1500 pro athletes from starting brands, charities, and campaigns, to endorsements, events, clothing, crisis management, investing, content creation, storytelling, transition, job seeking, and even connecting them with the right opportunities. We've done it all in the athlete arena for life beyond the game. Go ahead and pick our brain on any matter.

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What do you stand for?

Are you ready for more fulfillment? Do brands understand the value that you offer them? A lack of clarity may already be costing you your biggest opportunities.

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Brand Messaging

 This is who you are to the media, to sponsors, to investors, to teams. This is how people see you, and the value that you offer others based on your past, your story, and what makes you unique. Communicating this properly is the key to wealth longevity, and fulfillment that outlasts your playing career.



 Wanting to stand for a cause that you care about? No matter how controversial the cause (as long as it's for the betterment of society) we'll help develop the best plan, how to go about it, the messaging behind it, and how to give you the best chance of creating real positive change without risking your career or reputation. A plan, and message clarity would have created a far different outcome for athletes such as Kaepernick. Don't make the same mistakes.



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We don't pass you off to an intern, or have a team of people coming to meetings with you to confuse who is actually working on your brand. Our Founder works with you directly. Why? Because he cares.


We're aware of how many clients that we have at any given time to assure that every client receives the exact amount of attention and focus needed.


With strategic partners and top experts to implement the ideas and plans put in place by you and Kyle, there's no plan or task too large that we can't handle while still keeping you as a top priority.

Do your research, and learn more about Kyle at Your brand and legacy are too important to not know who you're working with.




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