Build a brand that has staying power.

Other merchandise companies are out there acting on your behalf as "The Official Merchandise of YOU" because you're not doing it yourself. They're selling your image and likeness, and you have no say, and you're getting just pennies in return when you could be earning $20+ per shirt sold! 


It's time you take control of your own merchandise. There's no merchandise more official than the merch coming straight from you right?

Our expertise is brand building. The way that we'll help you build your clothing brand or personal merch store is the most thorough way in the industry. We want to discover your legacy, and help make a brand that fulfills your life legacy.

We can create the mission statement, help design your logo, build your site, your content, handle customer service, and do the basic store management. You just need to help come up with new products if you want, and promote the brand to your network by wearing it and posting photos.

We offer more than $140k in value each year for a fraction of the cost. Why? Because we're athletes too, and we want to keep this about looking after you first. We cut unnecessary costs on our end, and eliminated profit sharing to get the price to a ridiculously affordable place so that all athletes can afford to take ownership over their own image.

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1. Your Own Merch Store

We'll build your merch store, help with basic needs customized to you, so that you can take your name and image back and become your own "Official Merchandise" just how it should be.

2. Start a Clothing Brand

We'll do the branding, logos, designs, messaging, website, customer service, etc so you can build your own clothing brand and generate new revenue.

3. Join Athletes.VIP

Just $3,600 or a negotiable profit share based on number of orders generated each month. The more you sell, the lower our percentage goes.

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